The 3rd Alexandrian Imperial Parliament was elected on May 2nd, 2006, in the 2nd general election. The longest it can run is a constitutionally imposed maximum of three months.

The government is led by the Alexandrian Conservative Party, with Matthieu Poitiers as Prime Minister.

Current Party Standings Edit

As of May 19th, 2006, party standings are as follows:

Alexandrian Conservative Party (ACP): 4

People's Democratic Party (PDP): 1

Non-Partisan's Association (NPA): 1

Independents: 0

Changes Edit

Members Edit

Name Party Electoral district
     Jose Frias Conservative Prime Minister of the Empire
     Federico LeMamon Conservative Asunción
     Joshua Jackson Non-Partisan Rio Grande
     Matthieu Poitiers Conservative Puerto Nuevo
     Pete James PDP Valenciennes
     Jacques Gordon Conservative Baudrix

Preceded by:
2nd Imperial Parliament
Imperial Parliament Followed by:
4th Imperial Parliament

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