The July 2006 elections will elect members to the 4th Parliament of Alexandria.

The July 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections (more formally, the 3rd General Election) were held the 13th through the 17th days of July, 2006. The Alexandrian Conservative Party won an overwhelming majority in Parliament - a grand total of 71.4% of the seats. The People's Democratic Party and the Non-Partisan's Association were phased out of Parliament, while Pete James' new political movement, the Alexandrian Anti-Party won 14.2% of the seats. Federico LeMamon, a former Conservative MP, ran as an independent and won.

The parliament preceding this election was led by the Alexandrian Conservative Party, who held a total of 4 seats. A moderate conservative coalition between the Alexandrian Conservative Party and the NPA has enabled the conservtaives in Alexandria to reign supreme in Parliament.

Constituencies Edit

The current Imperial Parliament is made up of eight seats. Six of them are devoted to the provinces of the Empire. These are Asunción, Puerto Nuevo, Rio Grande, Valenciennes, Baudrix and Ibelin. There are two seats in Parliament that are not elected. One is appointed by the Emperor and the MP appointed has to be a scholar and a member of the Catholic Church. The second is appointed by the Prime Minister and the MP appointed has to be a member of the judiciary. Newly elected Prime Minister Jose Frias appointed Lord Chief Justice Juan Ciervo as the first person to hold the appointed judiciary seat in Parliament since the ratification of the Constitution. The Emperor has not appointed anyone to the other seat yet.

Results Edit

Ibelin Edit

Jean Pierre Robespierre won this constituency for the Alexandrian Conservative Party by default after Paul Joyce dropped out of the race.

Baudrix Edit

Jacques Gordon won this constituency for the Alexandrian Conservative Party by default.

Valenciennes Edit

Pete James, from the Alexandrian Anti-Party, won this seat by default.

Rio Grande Edit

Andre Cesaire won the seat by default for the Alexandrian Conservative Party.

Asunción Edit

Federico LeMamon (Independent) defeated Sebastien Alexandre (PDP) with a total of 66.7% of the vote. Monsieur Alexandre had 33.3% of the vote.

Puerto Nuevo Edit

Matthieu Poitiers won the seat by default for the Alexandrian Conservative Party.

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April 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections
Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections Followed by:
October 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections

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