The National Simulation Act was passed by the Estates-General in July 18th, 2005. It was granted Imperial Assent in August 1, 2005.

Section 1 Edit

1. This act may be cited as the National Simulation Act, 2005.

Section 2 Edit

1. The Emperor may determine events, processes and circumstances in the Alexandrian simulation by actors that are not actual citizens or persons.

2. The Emperor may delegate this duty by Imperial decree.

Section 3 Edit

1. All determinations under this section must be expressed as findings and reported to the Estates-General.

Section 4 Edit

1. Any attempt to determine anything with respect to the simulation contrary to this act is a felony.

2. Any attempt to determine anything contrary to this act with respect to the simulation is absolutely null and void.

Section 5 Edit

1. The ratio of actual citizens to virtual citizens is 1:1,000,000.

Section 6 Edit

1. This act shall enter into effect on the day it is given Imperial Assent.

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