The Parliamentary Medal of Honor Act was passed by the 2nd Imperial Parliament on February 24th, 2006. It was granted Imperial Assent on the same day.

The Parliamentary Medal of Honor Act

Article 1 – Name. Edit

1. This act shall be officially cited as the “Parliamentary Medal of Honor Act”.

Article 2 – The Parliamentary Medal of Honor. Edit

2. The Imperial Parliament hereby establishes the Parliamentary Medal of Honor, which will serve as the highest honor that the Imperial Parliament of the Empire of the Alexandrians may confer.

3. The Parliamentary Medal of Honor is granted at the end of the legislative session. Parliament may only grant it once per session.

4. The Parliamentary Medal of Honor is granted via a resolution presented by an MP. The Speaker of the Imperial Parliament shall preside over the nomination process for the Parliamentary Medal of Honor.

5. Members of Parliament cannot grant themselves the Medal of Honor. The Emperor nor members of the Imperial Family are eligible to receive the Parliamentary Medal of Honor. Foreigners are eligible to receive it.

6. Recipients receive their medals in a award ceremony held at the Palace of the Tuileries before a new Parliament enters into session.

Article 3 – Imperial Assent. Edit

7. This act shall not become law unless His Imperial Majesty grants His Imperial Assent to it.

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